2##Swiss Chalets at the Marécottes
4##Trail amidst the dandelions in Trient
1##Emosson Dam
1##Trient Glacier
1##Rafting in one of the numerous rivers in the valley
1##Salanfe Lake
1##Mont-Blanc express train in Salvan
1##Ski trek
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Region - Trient

The Trient Glacier, as well as the neck of the Forclaz are the most famous locations of Trient town, one of the smallest towns with a population of only 150 people. A genuine paradise, located in unkempt nature, many hikers stop there each year on their run through the Tour of the Mont-Blanc. In winter, Trient becomes a base camp ideal for those still new to Skiing.
Charlotte la Marmotte sur le Bisse du Trient
Climbing in the Trient Valley
Couvert du Peuty
couvert du Stand
Mont-Blanc Express
Mysterious Gorges
Propositions de courses pour vélo de route
Tour of the Mont-Blanc
Tour of the Trient Valley
Trient Waterway and Glacier
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